Guidelines and Rules of Conduct

  1.  Be courteous and respectful
  2. Don’t harass, annoy or personally attack anyone.
  3. Stereotyping and hate speech will not be tolerated.
  4. Leave your prejudices and insults at the door.
  5. Some topics will be controversial so please agree to disagree because everyone is entitled to their opinions.
  6. This blog is not for solicitation purposes.
  7. Please do not post nude or vulgar pictures.
  8. Please think before posting comments; we are not here to pass judgment on others.
  9. Violence  and vulgarity  will NOT be tolerated.
  10. Please do not share your personal information or the personal information of others.
  11. Do not give your home phone number or address to anyone.  If you wish to share phone numbers and addresses please do it through email with persons that you know.


  1. Welcome to EmpoweredLady blog. This blog was created to enable people to discuss a variety of issues. I started this blog to empower myself and others to engage in conversations where we will feel safe and comfortable to voice our opinions in a healthy public forum. Here at EmpoweredLady I encourage people to share information, thoughts and ideas anonymously. Communicating online gives us the opportunity to reach out to other people that we may never meet in person; and discuss things that are important to us. This blog was also created as a vehicle to uplift and empower; hence the name EmpoweredLady.
    I ask that everyone that visits this blog be courteous, respectful and considerate. Discussion and debate are encouraged. Please fully read and comprehend the information before commenting or posting. Everyone’s opinions and ideas are welcome and valued. I know sometimes people use expletives to get their point across. It’s alright to use colorful words in context, but it is not alright to use those words to degrade, taunt, torment, abuse or anger anyone. The motto here is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Please remember that although this blog is done anonymously; we are dealing with real people with real feelings. Just because you can’t see someone it doesn’t mean that their feelings, ego or pride can’t be hurt. When you post something, especially about a controversial topic, expect that your viewpoints and opinions may be questioned, challenged, and held up to scrutiny. If having your opinions challenged and being expected to defend your position will make you uncomfortable, please don’t post about that topic.

    This site caters to females eighteen and older due to the fact that some of the material will be directed towards a mature audience. Men are also welcomed to read and post comments. I believe that men would be an asset to the community because it is helpful to hear how men would address the same issues that women face. I do not want to silence or censor anyone’s thoughts or ideas because this site is about sharing and empowering ourselves and others. I invite females and males to join in these discussions as long as we are all tolerant of the opinions of others. I do not want this blog to become a combat zone. Healthy disagreements are productive; however we should stick to the issues/ideas that are presented. Please be polite, I reserve the right to delete any post or comments that I feel are inflammatory, abusive, or mean spirited.

    Here at EmpoweredLady we will not allow name calling, discrimination, or racism. It is also important to remember that anything that you say in cyberspace can come back to bite you later; so I ask that we all be mature adults. When we read the essays, poems, short stories, issues or comments please consider them objectively before going off on a tangent, or singling out one person and attacking them. Please try to stay stick to the topic and do not insult, belittle or judge just because we do not have the same viewpoints of the writer. Despite good intentions some things said by posters can be offensive to others, so I ask that we all keep an open mind when responding.

    Have fun, participate in lively discussions and debates, bare your soul, speak your mind, meet new people and feel comfortable. Here at Empoweredlady we will not judge, attack or insult others. Keep in mind that we are not licensed therapists so please try to refrain from giving advice. When posting carefully word your posts so that others don’t feel as if you are telling them how and what to do with their lives. The comments and posts are just the opinions of others who are like minded. Pay attention to the content and be pleasant and polite.

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